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04 Nov, 2022 1:35 PM
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Oana - Dreaming
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Nov 5, 2022
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Please look for my name and track name and chose it to vote by accessing this link


Oana Puciu, or simply Oana, is a DJ and electronic music producer born in Craiova, Romania. This artist chases her dreams and travels with her music to places many only dream of going. The management of the Ariki Records label, the membership to the global network #femalepressure, the collaboration with or Electronic Beats and the recent contract with the agency Tauri in Stockholm, keep this artist busy and always on the move. She is present at the most relevant festivals and events in Romania and around the world. Her style is unique and pivots between minimal techno, house and groovy infused with psychedelic melodic lines and hypnotic vocals. Her DJ skills have led to collaborations with highly regarded organizations and teaching panels at Soundcloud and Berghain HQ, both in Berlin, participating in some fascinating movements promoting inclusion and support of women in the music world. Her travels have begun to mix with experiences that take her beyond the boundaries of club music into the field of experimental sound, morphing intricate percussions, heavy bass lines and eerie atmospheres in a very distinct and unique way, sets her apart from her fellow Romanian producers making this artist truly unique!

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