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No purchase necessary.

No purchase necessary to gain entries.

No, It’s not required. Proving a vote number is adequate. A screenshot is just extra reassurance to our members that you took time to vote for them.

Any type of links or advertisements are strictly prohibited. And will be grounds for banishment from the site. Only contests that require votes are permitted to be posted on Get Online Votes.

No, not at this time.

Your post will be deleted once your contest expires. Or you can contact us. It may take up to one business day for us to delete your vote request. Before submitting your request make sure you have read the rules of the contest that such forms of voting are allowed. Get Online Votes is not responsible for you being disqualified. If someone has voted for you already you must return the favor before your request is processed. Note: once your vote request is deleted it will not be reinstated. And if you post it again, It will be deleted.

If you are getting an error message, the URL might have not been submitted correctly. We recommend copying and pasting the broken URL in your web browser this usually works.

Sometimes if you post multiple links or are posting for the very first time, our spam filter might hold your comments for moderation. Also copy and pasting making duplicate comments may also flag your comment as spam make unique comments and post your vote number when applicable.

Each contest you submit will have a re-list option at the bottom. This will let us process your order after which you will get a confirmation email confirming your order.

Your vote request was deleted for several reasons. 1: you might of entered a non-valid email when posting your request. 2: you re-listed the same contest without going through the re-listing process Get Online Votes may delete any contest at its own discretion at any time.

When your contest expires it will be automatically deleted from our site.

No, all purchases made on the site are final.

Confirmation emails are sent right away try checking your spam folder if its not in your inbox Please Add Admin@voterequests.com to your contacts so you receive mail from us.

We have a new feature on the top left side and on the top where you can advertise your post and become a Featured Member and it will remain in that box for the time you specify. Click the link in that box for further information and pricing options.

We also offer to re-list your entry at the top to begin rotation again for an advertising fee. See the PayPal button at the top of your individual post for details. You can also process a gift re-list. If someone you know has a request on this site, and you want to pay for it to be re-listed for them, one of the steps allows the option of including a gift message.

The difference between these two options is that a paid re-list at the top will put you back in to rotation again and you will begin to move down the page as new requests come in, while being in the Featured Members box will keep you on the top left side of the page for as long as you specify.

Please note: requests will be reviewed and processed once payment is accepted on our end. Currently only paypal is accepted.

Yes, many people in our community are in more than one contest, and some even have multiple entries in the same contest. You can add each contest in its own post.

Simply put, we are a social networking community built on a common need for online votes. We have a wonderful group of members who are interested in spreading the word about their contest and contest sponsor and who want to support each other in their goals.

We charge a small fee to post on Get Online Votes this is to cover Admin costs and to combat spam. We want GOV to be a community where only serious contest entrants post and support each other.



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