Salon Based Dog Groomer of the Year (Armagh/Fermanagh/Tyrone Area)

Published :
02 May, 2022 5:20 PM
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Be Bonnie Dog Grooming Poyntzpass
Voting Ends :
May 23, 2022
Voting Allowed :
One Time Only
Voting Instructions :
Go onto the website scroll down the the category called Salon Based Dog Groomer of the Year (Armagh/Fermanagh/Tyrone Area), and select be Bonnie Dog Grooming Poyntzpass, enter your email below and hit submitThank you all in advance I really appreciate the help


Hi, I help my mum run her small dog grooming business, I also work full time in my own job and have very little time to do anything else outside of these two jobs. Mum has been nominated for a dog groomer salon based award and is very proud, however she is up against people with a larger follower base than she is which has made this stressful for her and I'd like to give her a wee glimmer of hope

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