Maxim’s Cover Girl Contest

Published :
06 Jul, 2022 6:33 PM
Voting For :
Jena Nicole
Voting Ends :
Sep 30, 2022
Voting Allowed :
Voting Instructions :
To vote: just click the link below and select the GRAY button that says "Free Daily Vote", then you just vote by either FB (1 free vote), or by Debit/credit card (2 free votes). Either method you choose is free and doesn't cost anything, it's just to verify you are a real person and not a bot to inflate the vote count. Thank You!Additionally: the red button is a paid option (Warrior Vote option)- If you wanted to buy additional votes & support the charity Maxim's partnering with this year- they let you buy votes ($1=1 vote equivalent) and supports building/remodeling homes for wounded veterans. Hence the name (Warrior vote). But this is not required, only if you wish to.

Jena Nicole

Hey loves! I'm a Fashion Model & This is my first year entering into Maxim's Cover Girl competition, If I get chosen it will also be my first time in Paris for the Cover Shoot which is my dream!! 🙏 I would really adore you voting for me in the link below to be this year's Cover Girl! I’m in Top 10!! Thank you for reading this and for helping me with my career & travel dreams. Much success and love to you all! 😘

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