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03 Aug, 2023 1:39 AM
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Sasipak (Sasi) Butsakron-O-Pas
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Aug 17, 2023
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One chef will win $25,000 and appear in a 2-page advertorial in Taste of Home Magazine. Culinary creators from all walks of life are welcome to slice, dice, simmer, and showcase their skills while supporting an amazing cause. HOW TO VOTE COMPETITORS ARE NOT PERMITTED TO DONATE OR PAY FOR VOTES FOR THEMSELVES. COMPETITORS ARE ALSO PROHIBITED FROM CASTING VOTES BY DONATION FOR THEMSELVES. COMPETITORS CAUGHT PAYING FOR VOTES, OR CASTING VOTES BY DONATION, FOR THEMSELVES, MAY BE SUBJECT TO DISQUALIFICATION. THE USE OF A COMPETITOR'S PAYMENT METHOD(S) (PERSONAL, BUSINESS, ETC.) OR FUNDS, TO DONATE OR PAY FOR VOTES TO CAST FOR THAT COMPETITOR IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. All Voters voting by donation/casting votes by donation must be at least eighteen (18) years or older on the date that their donations/votes by donation are made/cast. Voters can vote by doing the following: (a) all Voters will earn one (1) free vote every twenty-four (24) hours, which they can cast for their favorite Competitor, after Operator verifies Voter eligibility (whether via Facebook, SMS verification, payment method verification, or other process); and/or (b) Voters of eligible age can donate to cast additional votes (for one or more Competitors). Voters that have verified eligibility via payment method may be entitled to one (1) additional free vote every twenty-four (24) hours. Operator retains the right to provide additional means of voting (e.g. 2-for-1 votes), which may be offered to voters at any point during the Competition, at its sole discretion. “Qualifying Votes” are those placed in accordance with these Rules and the Terms of Use, which can also be found on the Website. The winning Competitor(s) of each round of the Competition will be determined based upon the number of Qualifying Votes received, with those receiving the highest number of Qualifying Votes deemed the winner(s) of that round. “Bot” activity or any kind of robotic or automated voting mechanism is not an accepted form of voting and such votes will not be counted, if discovered. If this type of false voting is detected, the individual, associated IP address, email address, and mobile phone number will be banned from voting. At its sole discretion, Operator reserves the right to disqualify Competitors suspected in encouraging, soliciting, or otherwise knowingly participating in this type of activity, or any other voting activity Operator deems unfair. Operator reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to disqualify any individual it finds to be tampering with the entry or voting process, or the operation of the Competition, in any way. COMPETITION SCHEDULE OPERATOR WILL SELECT, IN ITS SOLE, ABSOLUTE, AND COMPLETE DISCRETION, WHICH ENTRANTS WILL PARTICIPATE IN THE COMPETITION AS COMPETITORS. Upon entry, Competitors will be divided into groups and advance to the initial public voting round. Subsequent public voting rounds (individually a "Round" and, collectively, the “Rounds”) will progressively reduce the number of Competitors. Public voting begins June 12, 2023. Top 20 (begins June 12th and ends June 22nd) – Public voting will help reduce each group to the top twenty (20) Competitors. Top 15 (begins June 22nd and ends June 29th) – Public voting will help reduce each group to the top fifteen (15) Competitors. Top 10 (begins June 29th and ends July 6th) – Public voting will help reduce each group to the top ten (10) Competitors. Top 5 (begin July 6th and end July 13th) – Public voting will help reduce each group to the top five (5) Competitors. Group Finals (begin July 13th and end July 20th) – Public voting will help reduce total Competitors to one (1) preliminary winner in each Group Finals group who will then advance to the Quarterfinals. Wildcard Round (July 21st and ends July 23rd) – Competitors who took second (2nd) place in their respective Group Finals group will compete in a shortened round for a chance to advance to the Quarterfinals. Votes will be reset, and public voting will determine the top Competitor from each group who will then advance to the Quarterfinals. Quarterfinals (begin July 24th and end August 3rd) – The top Competitors from each Group Finals/Wildcard Round group will be divided into Quarterfinals groups. Votes will be reset, and public voting will determine the top Quarterfinalist from each group who will then advance to the Semifinals. Semifinals (begin August 4th and end August 10th) – The top Competitors from each Quarterfinals group will be divided into Semifinals groups. Votes will be reset, and public voting will determine the top Semifinalist from each group who will then advance to the Finals. Finals (begin August 11th and end August 17th) – Votes will be reset, and public voting will determine which Finalist will be the winner of the 2023 Favorite Chef Competition (the “People's Choice Grand Prize Winner”), on August 17, 2023. The People's Choice Grand Prize Winner will be announced on or around August 25, 2023.

Sasipak (Sasi) Butsakron-O-Pas

Who or what inspires you to cook?
My mother and late uncle are my two biggest inspirations. I grew up watching my mom cook and learned how to make Thai dishes for my younger sisters while she was at work. My uncle moved from Thailand to start up his culinary career with nothing more than a backpack and walkman. He called himself the nomad chef. He was an adventurer, and would bring those he befriended along his journey to his "home" where ever he may be, to enjoy a homecooked meal and share his amazing journey.

What's your all time favorite dish to make?
My two younger sisters loves Pad See Eew, which is a Thai stir fry flat rice noodle with eggs and chinese broccoli. I find myself making this a lot, and it has become my go to dish because it sparks joyful memories and satisfying smiles from my siblings when I make this simple dish.

What would you do with the $25,000?
I would like to use this to start my career, as I find cooking not only my passion, but also my outlet. I would like to use this money to finance a food truck and make food that brought me joy as a child growing up in Thailand. I didn't live an extravagent life, and found days where a bowl of instant noodles, was the only comfort I found. I cook to decompress from the daily grinds. Time in the kitchen brings me light, and smiles from those who enjoy it is the purest form of happiness for me.

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