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13 Oct, 2023 6:14 AM
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Marisol Vazquez
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Oct 18, 2023
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Click link below and vote. https://votefab40.com/2023/marisol-vazquez

Marisol Vazquez

A Chiari Malformation and syrinx Survivor/Brain surgery 3/6/2012 Next season of life in 2023. A Fabover40 Contest winner!

Would you help me make this possible?

Thank you for your time and vote. 🤗

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    Health issues involvement or as we called it; Awareness have gave me a new perspective in life! You think, things don’t happened to you. Think again!

    Until your health fails, then medical crises are just a way of living. I ‘m devoted in finding answers and the cure about my neurological disability. It is also, more than a personal interest, But a Community, family, and friends topic of interest , and besides self- health! Since. it hits closed to home with children from my family with neurological ;autism spectrum & Me with Chiari Malformation/syrinx . My niece, Cece Juveniles diabetes Cece’s( Remember( Walk- JDRF walk) is coming soon, October22, 2023, this Sunday), Mind you, these disorders have had affected my family in such a shaking and radical ways of living. Nevertheless, as much as their life (and mine) have challenges, it sure don’t paralyzes them. They ‘re my family and they are thriving to live and to lived it all to their best of their abilities within our co-existence. I’ve learned from the younger ones’ much. They sure can demonstrate things to you that you can’t fathom. By their actions and their love of life. They have more peace within themself. I admited that. In respect to their disorders not holding them back, It is no way that I could sit hear and let life passed me by…
    I do say so;” This is a challenge which I will take step- by -step dedication to submit to something.”. Yet! not knowing what holds around the corner. But, like the present day is a Present. Why not live positive? I’m moving to new adventures. I think, no, not I think, but I’m feverishly pursuing the Contest Fabover40.com. Why I’ve entered the contest because it guide me and challanged me to be visible to the world with the disorders I’m living with , and Fabover40 is affiliated with Breast Cancer foundation, and If I’m the winner. I will be sponsoring for the Brrast cancer Foundation. Ha! Ha! That is quite a challange! Tell you what? I’m taking my story and hoped that others will be blessed with what I have to offered and ad intuitive by knowing ones dilemma can understand and sympathize , and that’s why I will feel confortable to self- promote myself with dealing with my owned challenges with neuropathic pain, etc… The topic of conversation will be sensitive to the Breast cancer recipient, I will talk freely, about Breadt Cancer Awareness. Since, living with a disorder, can liberate you yo talk freely. The best I can do be informed , add my positivity, and be sensible, but not in the face of normalcy! It is a familiar face, a face that gone through the battles that I fought as well. So, the face of dificulty ans adversity! I walked the walkwith my head held high.
    The Contest I’m in is Fabover40.com.
    Please vote for me!


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