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29 Oct, 2022 7:37 PM
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Kimberly Bialek
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Dec 15, 2022
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A person can vote one time every 24 hours. Must all be separate IPL addresses. This contest is kinda long. I have made it through two cuts so far. There are cuts nearly every week until the finals.

Kimberly Cope Bialek

I’m a 53 year old woman competing in the fabover40 contest. Yep, I’m giving this my very best shot.
I live in Summerlin Las Vegas, but grew up in the Midwest. I have a true love of travel and adventure. And an insane love of animals. My 200lb rescue dog goes everywhere with me.
I believe that being fabulous has no age. I believe in daring to try to make one’s dreams come to light. I am a habitual supporter of others, and I now seek the support.
I want to win this contest in honor of three important women in my life that are currently battling breast cancer. The contest donates a portion to breast cancer awareness 💗. I would use the prize money to help two beautiful people that are in tough spots, buy a converted van to travel this beautiful country. I would create a travel blog about van life with a dog, and take video and pics of my journey.
I believe most people have battled something or are currently battling, but I do not want to win this contest by exposing my personal battles. It’s a personal choice ❤️
A two page spread in a fashion magazine is another part of the prize for the winner. This would be an experience of a lifetime, and something money can’t buy.
Another few things about me is I am a spiritual person, and a consummate reader/continuing education.
I would be honored and grateful for help, and excited to help others.

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