ECI 2023 Best appearing vehicle voting.

Published :
12 Sep, 2023 5:28 PM
Voting For :
Buck'y Buck - JD 4450 - Brian Mueller
Voting Ends :
Dec 1, 2023
Voting Allowed :
One Time Only
Voting Instructions :
Please select "Bucky's Buck


Tractor Pulling has been my childhood dream and I am not working to make it come true with my Tractor "Bucky's Buck" which is named from my passion for Wisconsin Badgers and John Deere. The drawing on the tractor side panel was hand drawn by myself, combining Bucky badger and John Deere. Also, I am a mechanic so bucky is holding a wrench along with pulling a 25 TON anvil to simulate tractor pulling and the weight we approximately pull.

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