Dream Chopper Giveaway

Published :
01 Apr, 2022 12:42 PM
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Fred William Brown Sr
Voting Ends :
May 10, 2022
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The link I provided allows anyone with a Facebook account to vote once a day till contest ends. There is an option to buy votes that will support the areas local humane society.

Fred Brown

I am 66 years old. I was forced into retirement due to health reasons. One of these being a bout with lung cancer. Prior to that I operated a business for 40 years and was a college level educator for 20. The health thing cost me my bike and other things till I got it stabilized. My reason for entering this comp is to win a bike to finish the time God has given me touring as much as I can. I am single an looking to enjoy what’s left.
You may note in my photo I am holding a model chopper. I built this out of copper and silver. This is what I want to make full scale with the contests help.

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