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Published :
21 Mar, 2023 6:08 PM
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Chris Frechette
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Mar 23, 2023
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Just click the link and go to my profile page. There you can vote for me once daily for free.Or, even better still, you can purchase additional votes with proceeds going to Hope for the Warriors!

Chris Frechette

My first street vehicle when I was a kid was a motorcycle, and I’ve owned at least one, ever since. But I haven't managed to find that special, personal, perfect one... yet.

Right now I have a chance to win the opportunity to collaborate with Paul Teutul, Sr., of Orange County Chopper, and have him build the chopper of my dreams.

The idea of being able to sit down with a true artist and participate in shaping aspects of a concept and then getting to see the artist bring that concept to life would be the experience of a lifetime for a custom motorcycle enthusiast like me.

All I need to make it happen is votes. And EVERY vote helps. Please consider voting for me and at the same time supporting my cause, Hope for the Warriors, when you do.

Many thanks. --Chris

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