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Published :
04 Apr, 2022 1:40 AM
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Norma McElroy
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May 5, 2022
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Must have Facebook to be able to do a FREE daily vote or do an Impact Vote which helps support the Lung Society. also it doubles my votes in this contest. but whatever you decide to do I really appreciate your vote! please share with others. I want to WIN this.Please check out my profile. I make Yummy bath soaps and more! Thank you so much.

Norma Mcelroy

I am a Professional Soap Maker for 18 years. So I guess you can say that I love what I do!! I love making all kinds of Bath and Body products that's known all across the USA since 2004. I love to make them for Friends, and sell them online. My Favorite project is making Cupcake soaps! I love eating Cupcakes when I can. and I love collecting everything cupcakes.

I would definitely showcase my Edible looking soaps from cupcake soaps to Ice Cream soaps" that looks good enough to eat.

Gosh! well I am a firm believer in helping other people. I don't believe in being selfish. I've always been a giver in one way or another for years whether big or small. As far as myself, I would invest a lot of it into my Bath & Body Business because I need more space to make my Bath products. I am the Creator, photographer, editor, packager, shipper, alone for 18 years! It would be to more supplies/ Equipment. Mainly a nice outdoor shed w/ a cute window to work in. - Norma's Bath & Body

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