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29 Oct, 2023 4:19 PM
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Charlie & Luna
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Nov 12, 2023
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You can vote 10 times per day with 10 minutes in between each vote and every vote helps. Especially since some of the people on this site have multiple accounts and sometimes don’t play fair 😔 Thanks in advance for your support! 🖤🩶🤍 Love + light always, Janelle, Charlie & Luna 🐱


Hi! So I am the proud owner of twin sphynx cats named Charlie & Luna. They are not just service pets but my best friends, my children. I have entered them in this cutest cat contest because with any money won from the contest I plan on using to first help with this cat that lives in my grandma’s apartment building but doesn’t necessarily have a home. People that live in the building will leave food & water out for her when they can but she’s tiny and I worry about her with the cold months coming. I ended up noticing that she’s actually pregnant when her always thin (due to her not having a home) physique plumped up a bit and she allowed me to examine her because she’s a sweet angel. I want to make sure she has a safe delivery and then I want to get her and her kittens vaccinated, get at least her spayed, depending on the timeline of how long it takes me to find them all furever homes getting her kittens spayed and neutered as well, and getting them set up with the essentials needed for bringing a new kitten home. Many people will not bring a pet home due to the costs of vaccines, spay/neutering, and even essentials like a litter box, toys, bowls, etc. So I want to eliminate that from being an issue, to ensure they all have nice homes to live their nine lives in! And that’s why this contest is important to me! It’s also fun to show off my cats and how much they love posing for the camera 😆

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