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13 Feb, 2023 1:01 AM
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Robert Reilly
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Feb 26, 2023
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Please vote for me, Robert O Reilly at the link here: can vote multiple times when in Incognioto mode on web browser!


My name is Robert, I am a 25 year old Makeup, Beauty and Skincare specialist from Dublin, Ireland.

I have gained vast experience and knowledge in all things beauty and skincare related. I have training with over 100 beauty brands and have worked on shoots, music videos, PR events and many more. I like to deliver the full experience to my clients, leaving them with with a flawless look as per their requirements. Developing a relationship with each and every client is important to me; the client will always feel comfortable in my chair.

I also create content for my social media which in the last 5 years has gained a vast audience of 25k+ followers. On here I showcase tutorials, insight to different products and general product knowledge. Go check it out!

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