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22 Aug, 2022 9:08 PM
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Steve Buscemi
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Oct 27, 2022
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i’m steve buscemi (not THAT one… i’m the other one). full time lizard: part time drama queen.
my favorite thing is to find a way to either curl up in my humans hair, or just sit directly on top of moms head (the view is just so much better!!) when we go for walks. i also have my very own giant hamster ball for maximum household exploration (and it makes me feel like a super spy). sometimes I’m not the best at catching crickets… but I don’t mind letting them just sit on my head for a while, while I try and remember how to lizard.
i should be americas favourite pet because I am devilishly handsome (just look at all my spikes!), super adventurous (trying to convince my humans to take me on more walks!), the funniest lizard you’ll ever meet… and I’m really modest hehe. i am a great example of how you can enrich the life of your pet by really including them in activities. just because i'm not fluffy, doesn't mean i can't be your furry best friend! if you love the OTHER Steve Buscemi, you’re definitely going to love me!!

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