Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Getonlinevotes.com Terms and Conditions


The terms and conditions on this page regulate the use of this website, getonlinevotes.com  Please read these terms of use carefully before using getonlinevotes.com  in any way, including reading, commenting on, copying, reproducing, subscribing, or linking to the site.  By your use of this website, you accept and agree to the Terms and Conditions stated on this page.  If you object to any of the terms and conditions set forth here, please discontinue using our website.

These Terms and Conditions constitute an agreement (“agreement”) between you and getonlinevotes.com.  The phrases and terms “you,” “the user,” or “the visitor,” as well as the related pronouns “he,” “she,” “they,” etc., all refer to the person or persons who use getonlinevotes.com   If you are using this website on behalf of another person or entity, then that person or entity is also bound by this agreement.

These terms are subject to change at any time without notice.  Users are advised to review these terms before each use of the website.

Privacy Policy

getonlinevotes.com strives to safeguard the privacy of all website visitors and users.  If you have questions about our Privacy Policy, please contact us.

We collect data on traffic and user visits to our website, which may include IP addresses, location data, and weblog.  In addition, we collect email addresses and names of users who sign up for our services or who post comments.  A small fee is charged for re-listing a contest, and in order to process payment, we may gather user-specific data such as names, email addresses, billing addresses, and credit card or other payment account data.  Any and all user-specific data that we collect is provided voluntarily.

This user-specific data is utilized to enable us to meet our contractual commitments to you, the customer.  This includes sending out email confirmations to the user each time they place an order through our site, processing payment for our services, and moderating comments.
Employees of getonlinevotes.com, as well as any contractors we may hire to provide services to our company, are held to rigorous confidentiality standards regarding user information.  We pledge not to sell your information to third parties, under any circumstances.  The only circumstances under which we would disclose information to any third party would include:
–    If a court order has been enacted that would require us to disclose information.
–    If all or part of our business or assets are sold to a third party.
–    If we contract with a third party to deliver goods or services on our behalf (as above, any contractors hired by us would be held to strict confidentiality standards).
–    If we are engaged in activities to assist fraud protection or fraud investigation.

Although we have high privacy and confidentiality standards, in the event of any breach of your confidential information by an employee or contractor, getonlinevotes.com cannot be held responsible.

Although we take all necessary and reasonable precautions to secure your data, transmitting information via the internet is sent at your own risk, and we cannot guarantee the security of data that is sent to us.  In addition, parts of our site may require a login and/or password.  Users bear full responsibility for keeping their passwords secure and for remembering their passwords.  getonlinevotes.com cannot be held responsible for any third-party access to your information due to a third party obtaining your password by any means.

We are forbidden by law from discussing your personal details with any individual or organization who contacts us on your behalf, even family members, unless you have given us specific permission to do so.  You are advised that laws about personal information and privacy differ in each geographic location.


All graphic and textual content of this website is the property of the authors, unless it is specified otherwise.  Unauthorized duplication, copying, reproduction, posting, or republishing of this material is prohibited unless you have explicit permission from a site author.  You are welcome to link to this website, so long the context for doing so is respectful and not defamatory, and so long as you ensure that the name, getonlinevotes.com , is included in the link.

User Prohibitions

Users of this website agree to abide by any applicable local or federal rules and regulations, and not to use this website for any illegal purposes.  Users are prohibited from reducing this website’s functionality in any way, such as impeding its performance, corrupting its content, or limiting or blocking user access.  Data mining robots or extractors, metatagging and mirroring are prohibited, as are any attempts to breach website security or access user information.  The distribution, copying, hosting, storing or publishing of malicious software or viruses is forbidden, as is utilizing the site for unsolicited marketing.  Users are forbidden from using this website to threaten or harass website authors or other users.

Site Content

All this website’s contents, with the exception of user-posted comments, are the opinion of the website author or authors, and of the authors alone.  This website is not engaged in the business of giving advice; should medical, legal, or other advice or counsel be needed, users should consult with a licensed professional.
getonlinevotes.com takes measures to ensure that our website is free from viruses, malware, worms, or other potential threats to your computer.  However, getonlinevotes.com cannot be held responsible for any damage to users’ computers in the event that a problem occurs with your computer based on the use of this website.

and its authors shall not be held responsible for the content or effect of any user-posted comments, or for ensuring that all matter referred to in the comments is legal under the applicable federal and local laws.

getonlinevotes.com strives to be a civil forum, but reserves the right to post comments that individuals may find offensive or comments that express an opinion different from the authors’.  We also reserve the right to remove or not publish comments if the content is potentially illegal, defamatory, hateful, or libelous, as well as comments that contain unsolicited advertising or are off-topic.  The authors may also block users from commenting if they have previously published such comments.

No Guarantee

getonlinevotes.com does not guarantee the validity, accuracy, or timeliness of its website content.  getonlinevotes.com also cannot be held in connection with any organization or individual that may be linked to from our website, and takes no responsibility for the content of websites that may be lined to from our website.

getonlinevotes.com is a forum for voting on contests. getonlinevotes.com  has no affiliation with these contests, nor does it affect the outcome of any of those contests.  getonlinevotes.com cannot be held responsible for contest outcomes nor can it be held liable for any harm arising from user participation in one of the contests posted on the site.

Although we strive to keep our site operational at all times, we cannot always guarantee access, as downtime may be caused by server outages; server or network maintenance; acts of nature or civil disturbances; or failure of the user’s equipment or the user’s local infrastructure.

The authors of getonlinevotes.com can also make no guarantee that this website is available in all locations, or that its contents are appropriate, available, or legal in all locations.  Users are prohibited from utilizing this website or its content in areas where the use of this website or its content is illegal.

The comments on this website are moderated, and getonlinevotes.com  does not guarantee that user comments will be displayed at all, or will be posted without modifications.

Indemnity and Liability

By using getonlinevotes.com, you, the user, agree to indemnify and hold harmless getonlinevotes.com from all claims, costs, liabilities, damages, actions, and expenses, including legal fees, that may arise from or in connection to your use of this website.  getonlinevotes.com is not liable or responsible for any direct or indirect loss incurred as a result of your use of this website.  getonlinevotes.com and its authors shall not be held liable for the content of any user comments posted on this website, or any harm or loss associated with those comments.

By posting a vote request on our site you are doing so at your own discretion, getonlinevotes.com will not be held liable for any disqualification that might occur from the administrator or sponsor of the contest. Make sure to follow the rules of the contest closely before posting on this site. Furthermore, Please only post a request on this site if you are the person we are voting for.

If we find out the request was not posted by the original contest participant we will ban and remove the user in question for violation of our terms and will work with the contest sponsor to remedy any issue caused by the unauthorized post.

All purchases made on the site are final. Even if you get disqualified you will not be issued a refund as you have already started using the service and receiving votes. We can only edit or delete your request.

If you have any concerns about our Terms and Conditions or about website usage, please contact the site administrator.  We aim to provide a civil public forum as a service to our users, so we ask that in the event of any complaints, users contact us directly prior to seeking any other recourse.


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