InfluenceME TV – Under 50k #2

Published :
11 Apr, 2022 3:19 PM
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Joseph Johnson
Voting Ends :
Apr 11, 2022
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Buy vote packages after your feee vote. $10 is fine.

Joseph Johnson

Having the honor of being featured on InfluenceME TV would mean bringing more attention to my content, help bring awareness to the causes I'm very supportive of, and would greatly help me achieve my future goals. I want to provide a place for individuals, starting at the lowest level, who have no home and no help. I want to give back to people who the world has deemed not important enough to be proved a chance to live. To be able to teach people real life skills, learn their interests, and help them hone those talents so that they can be successful in what they love and be able to make a living doing so. I think that's why I'd be a good candidate for your show.

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