#DearMrQ Charity Competition

#DearMrQ Charity Competition


  1. Hello…just voted for you can you please do vote back. Click the link and you will find three lines on the upper right corner. Click it. Choose “entry”. Then search my name “Coleen Sophia Abuid” in the search box. Then click vote.

    Ps. You will have to log in to your facebook account to be able to vote. Thank you!

    Here’s the link :

  2. Hi. Just VOTED for your entry. You can vote mine.
    Here’s the Link:

    Just Click ENTRIES. And in the search box, search my name CHRISTINE ANNE JUANILLO then click VOTE. BUT you’ll need to click CONTINUE in your FB Account. Then SEARCH my NAME again, and finally CLICK VOTE again. That’s how your vote will be counted, please FOLLOW the steps. This would mean a lot. Thank you.

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