Info Before You Submit – USER TERMS

Please read this in its entirety before filling out and submitting out your request form. By filling in the form you have accepted these points.

1) Each person posting and commenting is required post in a respectful manner to everyone who visits this site. Please keep in mind that other people who are in the same online voting contest as you may have posted, or will be posting their request on this site. This is where ‘you get what you give’ comes in. Those who vote for numerous other posters will in turn get more votes back for themselves.

Please keep all requests respectful, civil and kind. Anyone found to be posting malicious or hateful comments will be deleted and their IP address will be blocked from this site.

2) Please only post a request if you are either the person/group we are voting for, or have received permission from the person/group that we are voting for.

We assume no responsibility for requests entered fraudulently and, if requested, will provide any necessary information to contest sponsors if they are investigating any attempt to disqualify their contestants by entering requests on this site knowing it will harm a contestant.

3)It is your responsibility to know your contest’s full rules and regulations. We accept NO responsibility for any loss or damage you may incur as a result of filling in this form to be listed on this site.

The goal of most contests is to get the word out, and this is just another social media outlet to do so. However, you need to know what is allowed and prohibited so that you do not overstep what you are allowed to do within your contest rules. For example, if you are not allowed to ask for votes on social media sites or in communities such as this one, do not do it. The responsibility is yours to follow your contest guidelines.

The information you fill in on your form (with the exception of fields as marked) appears on and search engines index this site rather quickly so anything you fill in on your request form will then become search-able across the world wide web and everything you post in your request for votes will be visible by our community and the rest of the world. We accept NO responsibility for disqualification if you are not adhering to your contest rules and it is your responsibility to check those rules before posting here.

If you are unsure, please check with your contest sponsor. If you need to request that an entry be taken down, please note that we will only take your entry off of this site and will not submit a request to all search engines to do so.

If you would like us to request that the page be removed, we will submit a request for your link removal at Google, Yahoo, Bing (and up to 2 other search engines of your choice) at a charge of $49.95. This charge is to cover the time to submit all requests and take and email screen shots of the requests to email to you. The request will be submitted (screenshots will be sent to you), and the decision to remove your post will be up to the individual search engines. In other words, we will submit the removal, but it is still not guaranteed and is then up to each search engine to remove your link. Usually, search engines remove a page once it is found to no longer exist.

We do not recommend this option, but if you are interested, please fill in the contact form with your information, Get Online Votes info (some information so we can find your link) and the additional 2 search engines if you would like. We will invoice you through PayPal and once paid, we will send in the applicable requests and email you confirmation.

4) When filling in the form, make sure you fill everything in completely and you upload the image you want. Double check the URL, and whenever possible, put in the full and direct URL to the contest. There is a small fee to process each change request.

5) Make sure you have the time to vote for others on this site. This is not just about your contest and those who vote for you would like to ask for your vote in return. This is to protect everyone who joins this site, including you.

If you can not put forth the effort to support those in our community, then don’t fill in the form. There are a lot of wonderful people here who genuinely support each other and to be a part of that requires a contribution on your part.

In an effort to show that you have voted, leaving the total vote number on the contest site after your vote in the comments section will help.

DO NOT LEAVE COMMENTS FOR ANYONE YOU HAVE NOT VOTED FOR. If it is found out you are spamming everyone and not actually voting, ALL of your comments will be deleted and your post may be erased.

6) It is generally understood that by posting on this site, you will support all of the members on this site who support you with the only exceptions being anyone who you are not able to vote for (eg. based on not having a Facebook account or having an IP address that isn’t allowed, etc), and those users who are in direct competition with you (meaning that if they get more votes than you, they will win).

7) Please fill in the request form in its entirety. This will help us to accurately post your request in a way that is easy for everyone to read. Please note, we will not make your email address public, this is only used if we have any additional questions. If we have a question about your form and can not reach you, it will not be posted.

8) Only fill in this form one time per contest entry. If you post the exact same entry twice, your second entry will be removed. Multiple posts for the same entry will be considered spam. All of your requests may be removed and you may be blocked from this site. You have been warned. This causes extra work, and we don’t like extra work.

If you have more than one entry in to the same contest, please leave those details in the ‘Notes to Admin’ section at the bottom of the form. Please note, your Website URLs must be different and post to each individual entry.

Also, only fill in one contest request per form. Do not fill in a form and ask our community to vote for you multiple times before you vote for them once. You must be able to return votes for each contest you have listed.

9) You can fill in this form no matter where in the world you are located, but please fill it in in English. This is so we can verify that it is not spam. If the instructions or website is not in English, please leave detailed instructions of where we are supposed to go once on the site in English.

10) Make sure you are following the guidelines of the competition or giveaway you are in. Do not post asking people to break your contest rules for you. Because a) this is an open site and anyone can see what you have posted, this may lead to your disqualification if company sponsors find out. and b) asking people to vote for you by breaking the rules isn’t right and that’s not how we roll!

11) Your post and link will only be taken down if you have been asked by the contest sponsor to remove the post and you email us from the email you included when listing your request. The post will then be made private so no one can see it. It will not be removed completely. This is to protect those who may be in the same contest as you. For example, if you are on here asking for votes, then you ask that your post be removed so that you can report one of your competitors to the sponsors – think again. We keep a copy of your post and your email request to protect our community.

Once your contest is over, your post will be marked private and moved in to an ‘expired’ category so that you won’t get any further votes and no one will see your entry (please allow one day for this to happen).

12) We reserve the right to prohibit any contest that may be considered as 18+ adult material because some members of our community may be under legal age. We reserve the right not to post any content that we feel is pornographic in nature, racist or hurtful/hateful to our (or any) community. We reserve the right to remove any post that we deem to not be in keeping with the spirit of our website.

13) We reserve the right to update and modify these terms as needed.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us.

Thank you for reading, to request to be added, please fill out our form.